Building a brighter future

Galaxy Foundation Limited is a non-profit organisation that engages in educational, social and charitable activities in Australia.

Fulfilling vital community needs since our foundation in 1994, our scope of work includes;

Ø Establishing schools,

Ø Providing scholarships to needy students,

Ø Establishing boarding houses for students,

Ø Organising emergency relief and human aid campaigns for
countries in need,

Ø Organising annual festivals and

Ø Organising social functions.

While we will continue promoting academic excellence in Australia through our initiative Amity College, we will also seek for future social and charitable opportunities to further contribute towards the welfare of global societies.

Inspired by the dedication and many sacrifices of our community, considering the Foundation’s growth achieved over the past 15 years, and witnessing the positive impact of our work on many lives of the Australians and other nations of the world, we look forward to our continued engagement with our community in building a brighter future.