Building a brighter future


In a nuthshell, Galaxy Foundation is engaged in educational, charitable and social activities.

When we were established by a group of concerned parents back in 1994, our primary  objective was to educate our kids through a schooling initiative, by providing them a safe environment where they can excel in positive science and develop moral conduct.

In the following years, we diversified our operations into charitable and social activities as well to address the community needs.

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  1. Educational Activities

Ø         Establishing Schools 

Ø         Providing Scholarships

Ø         Establishing Boarding Houses

Ø          Fundraising Events

Ø         Periodicals


  1. Charitable Activities

Ø         Zakat, Sadaqa, Sadaqa al Fitr Campaigns

Ø         Human Aid Campaigns


  1. Social Activities

Ø         Conferences

Ø         Festivals 

Ø         Iftar Dinners

Ø         Concerts

Ø         Family and Youth Camps