As the governing body of Amity College, we will continue to promote the academic excellence in Australia by creating public awareness of the needs of Amity College, raising funds for the ever growing expansion for future facilities as well as promoting the College to business and industry and the greater Australian community.


Since we have grown from a small group of concerned parents into a vibrant organisation with hundreds of volunteers and thousands of friends, we always seek for future social and charitable opportunities to further contribute towards the welfare of global societies.


Inspired by the dedication and many sacrifices of our community, considering the Foundation’s growth achieved over the past 15 years, and witnessing the positive impact of our work on many lives of the Australians and other nations of the world, we look forward to our continued engagement with our community in building a brighter future. 


Our vision is to help build a society full of hope, opportunity, virtues, justice and peace.


We acknowledge the fact that a nation's future depends on its youth and schools and its pupil are the most valuable assets to a community. Any nation who neglect their children are subject to decay and those who abandon them risk losing their reason of existence. We believe a nation's progress or decline depends on the education and moral values given to its young people.


We therefore emphasise on educating young generations, so their minds and hearts are enlightened with positive education and they are actively and caringly participating in society with good morals and virtues.


While our mission is to improve the overall social wellbeing of our community, we act on the following guiding principles:


Ø         The road to social justice, the recognition of human rights acceptance and tolearance towards others can only be paved through education.

Ø         Human ideals, goals and vision are the sources of movement that provide momentum to the progression of a society.

Ø         Humble and sincere efforts, like concentric ripples, will facilitate waves of positive social change.


We build our work on the following core values:


Ø         Dedication and sacrifice,

Ø         Collective work and consultation,

Ø         Knowledge and sincerity,

Ø         Honour and integrity,

Ø         Love and compassion,

Ø         Tolerance and understanding,

Ø         Humility and moral conduct.