Building a brighter future

About Us

Originating from a schooling initiative in 1994 by a group of dedicated community volunteers, Galaxy Foundation (formerly known as Feza Foundation) is engaged in various educational, charitable and social activities that surround Australians today.

Our dream – to defeat ignorance through education, poverty through sharing and division through unity – is today’s reality.

Our initiative Amity College is an independent private school, which opened its doors to its first 33 students in 1996. With enormous support and relentless efforts of the Australian community, Amity College is now operating in three different campuses across NSW. With more than 1,700 students enrolled from kindergarden to year 12 and students deriving from 118 different suburbs and 24 different ethnic backgrounds, Amity College has became a truly multicultural Australian school recently.

With its dedicated staff, delivering best teaching resources and facilities available and providing a caring, supportive and safe environment where all students are able to develop academically, socially and morally, Amity College became an education powerhouse in its second decade. Now being regarded as one of the most successful schools across NSW, nearly all Amity gradutes were placed in universities in 2008 and 2009.

As an integral part of our educational activities, we also provide scholarships to financially needy students and establish boarding houses to address boarding needs of high school and university students. Our Foundation also conducts subscription services for a number of magazines from Turkey to cater for educational and recreational needs of the community.

In addition to enhancing educational opportunities available to new generations of Australia, our Foundation is also encourages welfare activities to the poor in dire need across the globe. To alleviate grieving effects of the natural disasters and regional imbalances, we organised emergency relief and human aid campaigns which were sent to Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malawi, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Tanzania, Turkey, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. Our college students also donated money to the victims of the Bali bombings and the victims of the bushfires in the ACT and Victoria.

Our history would not be complete without mentioning the annual qurban campaigns we organise each year. Using Galaxy Foundation as a distribution channel since 1996, considerate members of the Australian community have sent hundreds of thousands of qurbans (sacrifical meat as part of the Muslim tradition of Eid ul Adha) to poor and needy people accross the globe. To date, qurban donations has been sent to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Cambodia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Phillippines, South Africa, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Vietnam.

Contributing to multicultural mosaic of Australia, a major annual function organised by our Foundation is the Annual Qurban Festival. We have been organising this event for the past 16 years with around 5,000 people attending the function on a regular basis.

While we concentrated primarily on education, our history of community involvement parallels our growth as an institution. We hold annual iftar dinners (dinners at the Islamic month of Ramadhan) on a yearly basis with distinguished guests attending our dinners each year. To educate the Australian Turkish community, we organise conferences on social and religious issues as well as current affairs. We occasionally organise concerts, bringing well-known artists and performers to Australia. While our family camps provide an environment for socialising for tens of families, our youth camps ensure social inclusion for young members of the Australian community enriched by various programs of social and sporting activities.