Building a brighter future

Boarding Houses

With its first boarding house established in 1994, Galaxy Foundation provides quality and secure boarding accomodation, care and services that is well managed and responsive to the needs of university students.

Our experiences proved that students who live in a supportive and inclusive environment where they benefit from a highly motivated study environment with fellow boarding students, learn about independence and responsibility, develop personal and social skills, build self esteem and participate in a range of communal activities have a greater success rate in their academic and personal life.

Maintaining a friendly approach towards our students and providing a safe environment away from crime and bad habits, Galaxy Foundation boarding houses offer a positive environment to promote the students’ social, educational, emotional and physical development where they can achieve high standards of moral conduct and personal skills

In our several boarding houses established across NSW, boarding students receive accomodation, meals as well as access to various educational resources and recreational equipment with sufficient supervisory staff to guide and care out of school hours.