It gives me great pleasure to represent the Board of Directors of the Galaxy Foundation Limited in its second year. I would like to thank Mr Abdullah Aksu, who was the inaugural President of the Galaxy Foundation and wish him well in his new endeavours.
Whilst the Galaxy Foundation is in its second year of operation, it is in fact the continuation of the Feza Foundation under a new name. Feza Foundation had three main focus areas, namely, education, humanitarian aid and social inclusion. The Galaxy Foundation will continue with these focus areas but with a greater focus on social inclusion.
To educate and socially include various communities in NSW, we hold a variety of activities in the three main areas:


The main objective in forming the foundation was to conduct educational activities. Whilst the organisation will not provide direct education through schools, it will continue to assist the socially disadvantaged non-English speaking background community in gaining affordable and quality education. The foundation will do this by administering a scholarship fund to assist in the education of the needy students within the community.


The foundation represents hope, care and a positive future for those in the midst of despair. Galaxy will continue to collect donations for humanitarian aid, but in a supporting role for other aid organisations in Australia.
Through appeals from the community, Galaxy Foundation will provide funds to other Australian humanitarian aid organisations it chooses to work with in order to:

  • send food, clothing and financial aid to the needy locally and internationally;
  • organise Qurban meat money collection for the needy people around the world;
  • collect and donate money to the victims of natural disasters like bushfires, floods etc. in Australia.


To educate and encompass the community by holding the following variety of activities:

  • for the less advantaged youth, organise regular camps to allow them to build character, discipline and friendship;
  • hold informative seminars and symposiums by inviting international guest speakers. To this end, we have held many seminars on youth and education issues given by our local academics.

The Feza Foundation has had a positive impact on the community since its inception and the Galaxy Foundation will continue this great legacy.
I would like to thank those hardworking members and the community for their moral, physical and financial support over the past nineteen years as Feza Foundation and now as Galaxy Foundation. I would also like to thank my fellow board members for their inspiration, and for the time that they give so generously.
It will be an honour to chair this wonderful organisation and to witness the future growth of the Foundation just as we have experienced with Feza Foundation, which provided a positive difference to so many people not only in Australia but around the world through its humanitarian aid.
I would like to express gratitude towards everyone involved for the support and encouragement they have provided over the years and look forward to a better and brighter future. The dedication and loyalty of the members gives the board of directors every confidence that this wonderful organisation, established to fulfil vital community needs, will continue to meet that need with passion and vigour.

Mehmet Saral