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To cater for educational and recreational needs of the community, Galaxy Foundation administers annual subscription campaigns for the periodicals listed below:

Sizinti is a monthly magazine which started to print in 1979 in Turkey. Among the top selling periodicals of Turkey, monthly circulation of Sizinti has grown from 6,000 copies in 1979 to an impressive half a million copies recently. A total of 186 authors contribute articles to the magazine nowadays.

Sizinti adheres to the belief that the entire universe and whatever exists beyond our senses are manifestations of God and that scientific discoveries open up new gates and reveal broader dimensions leading to the Truth, making us realise the essence and meaning of creation.

In due appreciation of this conviction, Sizinti prints articles on various topics including science, technology, medicine, biology, geography, botanic, physiology, astronomy, geology, physical science, chemistry, ecology, history, literature, pedagogy, sociology, psychology and other sciences.


The Fountain encourages critical thought and scientific inquiry on a wide range of topics including physical science, social science, ethics, education, literature, religion, and comparative studies. A total of 61 authors contribute articles to the magazine who are academicians, scientists and professionals that represent various disciplines of thought.

This bi-monthly English periodical promotes universal ethical values, such as respect and care for parents, honouring the elderly, safeguarding the family as the kernel of a sound society, love and compassion for all, neighbourliness, hospitality, charity and alike.

The Fountain also examines the moral, social and technological dilemmas that are challenging the modern world including maintaining peace in the world, cultural diversity, enhancing the overall welfare of society, education, healthcare, preserving the ecological and environmental balance, divorce, juvenile problems, addiction to substances and their rehabilitation, and keeping the young away from crime.

A quarterly journal of Islamic sciences, Yeni Umit is committed to illuminating both the minds and the hearts of readers by covering spiritual topics since 1987.

With a total of 287 different authors contributing articles to this magazine, Yeni Umit provides a comprehensive look into religion in Turkish.

Recommended for advanced readers in Islamic studies, Yeni Umit prints articles on various religious issues including Islam and other religions, teachings of Quran and the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), lives of the prophets, their families, saints and prominent religious figures, religious poetry, comparative religious studies and alike.


Yagmur is a quarterly periodical mainly covering issues on Turkish linguistics, culture and literature.

Established in 1998, Yagmur also prints articles related to art, stories, books, poetry, history, biographies, travel notes, interviews and cinema.


With a total of 278 different authors contributing articles to this periodical, Gonca is a monthly magazine for children.

Since 2002, this colourful Turkish magazine performs an important role as it provides rich teaching material for parents. It contains useful articles necessary for children education including stories, fairy tales, fables, travel notes, puzzles, crosswords, games, funny anecdotes and alike.


Dialogue Asia-Pacific is published quarterly by the Australian Intercultural Society which is based in Victoria, Australia.

Printing in English, it promotes interfaith dialogue through cross cultural relations, harmony and social inclusion in the diverse multifaith and multicultural communities in Australia.


With its first issue printed in 2005, Hira covers positive sciences in light of religious teachings.

Printing in Arabic, Hira is published by a group of Arab and Turkish origin scholars to discuss and comprehend the meaning of life and to look at the universe and our lives from the Quranic perspective.