Building a brighter future


Signifying its deep community commitment, Galaxy Foundation provides scholarships to university students.


Thanks to our volunteers who generously contribute resources to help make the postsecondary education a reality, we distributed monetary scholarships to hundereds of students studying in Australia since the early days of our establishment.


Provided on the basis of academic merit and personal need, these scholarships help students pay for their education and cover their daily living costs. Unlike student loans provided by various institutions, our scholarhsips do not have to be repaid.


Importance of Scholarships


Despite commmon belief, many students studying in Australia need some degree of financial assistance. As educational fees, accomodation rates, transportation costs and daily living expenses continue to rise, attaining an university degree without accumulating debt is challenging students.

Scholarships is an important socio-economic tool that is used to equalise educational opportunities and make university degrees possible for the talented, qualified but financially challenged Australians. We believe that failure to support this scheme could have serious negative consequences for the nation, far beyond the simple loss of educational opportunity for individuals.

Indeed, scholarships leads to many public and individual benefits. It is commonly accepted that achieving a university degree is a critical milestone in our lives. This is true for individuals, but is especially true in terms of our shared economic, social, and cultural well-being as a nation. While people with bachelor, master and doctorate degrees earn more in general, other economic and social benefits of post secondary education are even more important, though often unrecognised.

Providing scholarships enables people to access higher education. Benefits of attaining higher education and its impacts on the public and the individual level can be summarised as follows:

More funding for scholarships will mean the doors of universities will remain open for more students, including the academically outstanding who will be great citizens and leaders in the future. Increasing scholarship support will help us continue to change lives of many future generations to come.


Please join us in “Building a Brighter Future” by contributing to our scholarship campaign.