Amity College


Enrolling its first students in 1996, Amity College (formerly known as Sule College) is an independent private school operating in NSW, Australia that offers comprehensive curriculum for boys and girls.


Catering from kindergarden to year 12 students of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds, Amity College operates at three different campuses at Prestons, Auburn and Illawarra across NSW.  


With its dedicated staff, delivering best teaching resources and facilities available and providing a caring, supportive and safe environment where all students are able to develop academically, socially and morally, Amity College became an education powerhouse in its second decade.


Now being regarded as one of the most successful schools across NSW, 99% of Amity graduates were placed in universities in 2008. This astonishing success rate was 95% in 2007 and 92% in 2006 respectively.


Why Amity College?


Nourishing tomorrow’s adults is a serious task and we stand ready to provide each student with the knowledge, skills and support they will need to succeed in the classroom and the world beyond it.


Striving for academic excellence, we have high expectations of our students. Indeed, we aim to nurture a “Golden Generation”; whose minds and hearts are enlightened with positive education, who are equipped with good morals and virtues, and who are actively participating in and contributing to the society they live in. 


As equally important elements contributing to the School success; students, teachers and parents find a bond at Amity College that they would not be able to find at many other educational institutions. After all, we are neighbours and friends that constitute a big caring family.  


In a nutshell, Amity’s success can be ascribed to


Ø         the dedicated and experienced staff that nurture students in a caring, patient and progressive way during and after the school as well as weekend courses

Ø         the excellent parent & teacher communication established via student diaries, newsletters, information nights, seminars, home visits, open days, Parents and Friends Association notices  and alike

Ø         the enriched welfare activities (which includes camps, home visits, trips, excursions, after school programs, saturday classes and alike) in the framework of good behaviour, moral conduct and a willingness to help others

Ø         and of course our hardworking students.


While we are grateful to the Australian community as they stood by us since the inception of the Amity College story, we extend our appreciation to the Australian Government bodies and political leaders for their ongoing support. 


With our proven track record, ever growing public demand, expanding educational facilities and deep public engagement via a variety of community, intercultural and interschool activities, we believe Amity College has much to offer to Australia in years to come. 


For further information about the school and student enrolments, please refer to the Amity College web site below.