Building a brighter future

Zakat & Sadaqa

Serving as a trusted charity, Galaxy Foundation promotes charitable giving via zakat, sadaqa and sadaqa al-fitr campaigns that it coordinates each year.


In accordance with Islamic regulations, our foundation channels proceeds deriving from these campaigns to needy students under our supervision to alleviate their educational needs and daily living expenses.


Such campigns ensure that our students have the opportunity to have education. Without doubt, education is a mechanism that provides the information and skills needed to ensure permanent access to the basic rights while addressing the roots of chronic poverty and hunger.




One of the five pillars of Islam, zakat is a compulsory act of worship that needs be fulfilled by Muslims on a yearly basis.


Performing a crucial role in the community as the social security for the weak, zakat is payable at a rate of 2.5% by those who own a certain level of wealth on a wide range of assets, including gold and silver, cash and liquid investments, business assets, livestock and agricultural output.




Sadaqa is an optional Islamic charitable tradition in which donors contribute to the establishment or support of a service that will continue to benefit people over time.


This not only ensures benefits for those who receive it, but it also provides a long term solution to overcome ignorance by establishing and maintaining the institutions and support that will educate generations so that they can become productive and self sufficient.


Sadaqa al Fitr


Sadaqa al-Fitr is an obligatory charity that comes due at the end of fasting in Ramadan or before the Eid al Fitr prayer the first morning after Ramadan.


Including men, women and children (even infants) sadaqa al-fitr is obligatory on all Muslims regardless of wealth.


The purpose of Sadaqa al-Fitr is both to purify one from the imperfections of his/her fast during Ramadan and enable the poor and the needy to partake in the celebration of the Eid with joy.


To contribute to our 2009 zakat, sadaqa and sadaqa ul fitr campaigns, please click on the following link